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Book Author Unit Price Quantity Action
Modern Language and linguistic Sudesh R.Tambal 850.00
Modern Language and linguistic sudhesh r.Thambal 850.00
Modern Literary Criticism and Theories N.K.Singh 650.00
Modern Literary Theory in English Literature Ram Sharma 850.00
Modern Trends in Literary Criticism Piyush Malik 800.00
Modernism & Postmodrnism In English Literature Y.K.Ravi 895.00
Mulk raj Anand and Dalits P.K.Singh 575.00
Multicultural Consciousness in the novels of R.K,Narayan K.V.Dominic 750.00
Multicultural Theatre and Drama T.Sai Chandra Mouli 850.00
Multiple Landscapes Recent Leterature in English Leterary Theory and Teaching Qaiser Zoha Alam 650.00
Mysticism in Religion W.R.Inge 900.00
Nationalism Transnationalism Diasporic Experience in Bapsi Sidhwa and Chitra Banerjee Pradnya Deshmukh 575.00
Nature Environment and Literature Kalpna Purohit 800.00
Nature-Culture Metonymy Quest for Lost horizons in Jayanta Mahapatras Poetry Kamala Prasad Mahapatra 950.00
New Aspects in Postcolonial World Literature Ram Sharma 650.00
New Aspects of Indian Writing in English Dr.M.F.Patel 825.00
New Explorations in recent Indian English women Novilists Ram Sharma 625.00
New Heights in Indian English Poetry N.S.Bhakt 700.00
New Horizons in Post Colonial World Literature Ram Sharma 995.00
New Indian English Poets and Poetry Pathan Ashfaq Khan 795.00
New Trends of Contemporary Literature Kundan Bhardwaj 900.00
Nisha The Ghohst and other Stories K.P.Rath 500.00
Novel As History A Study of Post Colonial Indian Novels Prasanta Kumar Panigrahi 395.00
Objectives English Leterature Aditya Sabharwal 1470.00
Oscar Wilde The Picture of Dorian Cray Edited by Daniel Reed Danial Reed 795.00
Othello The Source Book Shakespeares R.K.Paliwal 695.00
Outline History of English literature P.K.Chakravarty 795.00
Panorama of World Drama in English Literature Ram Sharma 675.00
Peregrinators D.Ramakrishna 600.00
Perspectives on Aravind Adigas The White Tiger Dr.Ashok K.Saini 750.00
Perspectives on Indian Drama in English Splendorous Relaity P.Gopichand 995.00
Philosophical Dilemma and Spiritual Reconciliation in the poetry of Kamala das Raghunath Sahoo 200.00
Poe, Thackeray, Saki Selected Short Stories Edgar Allah Poe 995.00
Poetry of G.M.Hopkins A Thematic Study Dr.Kamal J.Dave 795.00
Poetry of Jayanta Mahapatra Imagery And Experiential Identity Zinia Mitra 500.00
Polarities in the fiction of Shashi Deshpande Shashi Kanta Sharma 625.00
Political Novel The Beaten Track and The Path Ahead Purnima Anil 795.00
Position of Women in Hindu Civilization for Prehistoric past to present S.L.Beg 850.00
Post Colonial American Literature New Aspects Ram Sharma 895.00
Post Colonial Theory and Literature Mamta Singhal 995.00
Post Feminism in India Myth or Reality Sudhir Narayan Singh 750.00
Postcolonial Indian English Literature R.K.Paliwal 750.00
Postcolonial Poetry in English Dipti Sarkar 800.00
Postcolonial theory & criticism U.K.Dwivedi 895.00
Postmodern Indian English Fiction Abha Shukla Kaushik 950.00
Postmodern Indian English Fiction jitendra Narayan Patnaik 325.00
Power Politics and women Empowerment in the novels of Nayantara sahgal A Critical Assessment Kavita Dubey 400.00
Pride and Prejudice - jane Austen P.K.Panigrahi 650.00
Principle Guide To Punctuation Mehak Lal 800.00
Prison Hole In The Pyramid Social Context in the Novels of Sinclair Lewis Nirmal Sharma 450.00
Problems of The Indian Creative Writing in English R.K.Mittal 895.00
Professional Communications and Spoken English Somnath Chaterjee 1995.00
R.K.Narayan A Study in Narrative Technique Nityananda pattanayak 795.00
R.K.Narayans Fiction A Search for roots and Identity A.K.Mukhopadhyay 975.00
Rabindranath Tagore and W.B.Yeats A Comparative Study Paban kumar Agarwalla A.K.Chaturvedi 425.00
Rabindranath Tagore Mystic and Lyricist Nilesh Arvind Tare 750.00
Rabindranth Tagore Mystic and Lyricist Nilesh Arvind Tare 750.00
Rahul Gandhi Aspiration of India A.K.Singh 850.00
Ramayana Comics Graphic Novels and Films Aarttee Kaul 425.00
Readers Guide of Leterature in English T.K.Nagarajan 695.00
Reading the Moderns and Beyond A Literary Appreciation Gauri Shankar Jha 785.00
Recent Explorations in indian English Writing Dr.M.F.Patel 625.00
Recent Indian English Literature Ram Sharma 625.00
Recritiquing William Shakespeare Amar Nath Prasad 900.00
Recritiquing Womens Writing in English (Vol 1) Dr.M.F.Patel 725.00
Recritiquing Womens Writing in English (Vol 2) Dr.M.F.Patel 725.00
Reflections on education in Sanskrit Leterature Shanker B.Chandekar 800.00
Reinterpreing Erotic Literature Rajan Tripathy 800.00
Reinterpreting Canadian Literature Ranjit Singh G.Rathod 800.00
Reinterpreting Erotic Literature Ranjan Tripathy 800.00
Remapping the Female Map : Jhumpa Lahiri and Manju Kapur Kalpna Rajput 750.00
Research in Applied Linguistics R.M.Pandey 800.00
Research in English Language Sujata Mishra 800.00
Research in Language and Literature Dinesh Rajput 795.00
Research Methodology in English Studies Raju Srivastava 995.00
Research Methodology of language and linguistic Nitin R.Jadhao 995.00
Research Methods in English R.P.Singh 995.00
Rhyming With Reasons Dr.Arvind M.Nawale 650.00
Rise of New Woman Novels of Manju kapur Ram Sharma 625.00
Romance of Socialism and Feminism Rosaline Jamir 600.00
Root and Influences of English Literature Danial Reed 1895.00
Rural Ethos in Indian English Literature Dr.A.S.Gangane 895.00
S.K.Desai Essays A Novelist Responcse to Literature G.N.Devy 190.00
Samuel Jonson Prasunjay Kumar Sinha 575.00
Serious timings Beautiful Rhymings Vandana Rjoriya 225.00
Shakespeare Twelfth Night Dr.Dinesh Rajput 650.00
Shakespeare's Twelfth night Mosam Sinha 775.00
Six Selected Essays - Charles Lamb P.K.Panigrahi 650.00
Social Maladies in the Works of Mahesh Dattani Pramod Kumar Singh 650.00
Social Structure And Female Infanticide V.Thirukkani 550.00
Social Structure And Female Infanticide P.K.Chakravarty 795.00
Soft Skills for Students Classroom to Corporate Pro.M.s.Rao 595.00
Spiritual Masters Guru Nanak Harish Dhillon 195.00
Spiritual Masters Sai Baba Sonavi Desai 195.00
Spoken English Dr.Uttam Ambhore 975.00
Stephen Gills Poetry A Panorama of World Peace K.V.Dominic 475.00
Strawberry Experience Reality and Representation in the Major Novels of Mulk Raj Anand Archana 650.00
Studies in African American Literature Mallikarjun Patil 1000.00
Studies in Indian English Political Fiction R.G.Hegde 725.00
Stylistic Analysis of Chinua Achebes fictional Works Bharti Khairnar 700.00