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Book Author Unit Price Quantity Action
Teaching English Communicatively Principles, Practices Perspectives Shaila Mahan 895.00
Teaching of English B.N.Dash 995.00
Tears of Darkness and other Stories Translated in to English pravati Misra Sulochana das 425.00
Ted Hughes Creating New Horizons Ashok Kumar Kundu 700.00
Tension and moral Dilemmas in Nissim Ezekiels poetry Raghunath Sahoo 400.00
Text Book of Communicative English Smita Singha 650.00
The 20th Century English Literature A Survery of Poetry Drama Fiction and Criticism Vipin Tomar 750.00
The Achivement of The Campus Novelists British Campus Novel : 1950-80 Vinod Kumar 650.00
The Champions of Indian Fiction in English Amar Nath Prasad 695.00
The Dark Force in Shakespears Plyas Nibedita Mukherjee 750.00
The Epics of The World Mallikarjun Patil 400.00
The Financial Expert-R.K.Narayan P.K.Panigrahi 750.00
The FolkTheatre of North karnataka Basavaraj Naikar 300.00
The Frolic Play of the Lord Prabhulinga lile Basavaraj Naikar 475.00
The Golden Serant and other Stories Basavaraj Naikar 1250.00
The Great women Novelists in English Literature N.K.Singh 650.00
The Great American Poets Rupa Bhattacharya 750.00
The Great indian women in English literature N.K.Singh 650.00
The Growth of English novel Ashok Pattanaik 750.00
The Guide- R.K.Narayan P.K.Panigrahi 650.00
The Im[act pf ICT On ELT An Innovaive Methodology Satendra Kumar 1050.00
The Image of Women in indian Literature T.K.Nagarajan 695.00
The Impac of Science on Literature C. Kavitha 595.00
The Indian English Novel Today prabhat K.Singh 700.00
The Indian novels in English Nation, History and Narration Dr.P.K.Singh 675.00
The Magic of ICT in English Language Teaching Satendra Kumar 950.00
The Masters Of English Literature Rashmi Kapoor 900.00
The Matrix of Postmodernism A Study of John Fowles Nandini Saha 700.00
The Novels of Amitav Ghosh Shashi Tharror Apamny Chattergee & Rohinon Mistry Dr. mansing Kadam 1295.00
The Novels of Bhabani Bhattacharya Jitendra Prasad Singh 600.00
The Novels Of Chinua Achebe A Colonial Encounter Jai ram Jha 495.00
The Novels of ruth prawer Jhabvala A Critical Evaluation Prasunjay Kumar Sinha 495.00
The Novels of Thomas Hardy A Study in Narrative Taechnique Pankaj Yadav 575.00
The Panorama of South Asian Diasporic Literature Mukesh Yadav 795.00
The Plays of George Bernard Shaw Neeraj Agnihotri 600.00
The Romantic Imagination Alpana Choudhary 800.00
The Said and The unsaid Things of Indians Fiction in English P.Gopichand 750.00
The Twelve Petals of Enlightenment Param Hans 275.00
The Uncrowned King of Nonsense Lewis Carroll Indira Kher 225.00
The Unending Quest Ratan Das 1400.00
The Unknown Nair an Autobiography M.K.B.Nair 175.00
The Untochable Dinesh Rajput 650.00
The Vacanas of Sarvajna Basavaraj Naikar 300.00
The vioice of the english auden Tanuka das 1700.00
The Voice of the other post independence indian English fiction G.A.Ghnshyam 995.00
The Waste land A Critical Appreciation Preeti Pujara 850.00
The Wasteland and other poems T.S.Eliot P.K.Panigrahi 650.00
The Yking Companion to Slaman Rushdie Raju Kumar 895.00
Thematic Interpretation in the novels of Shobha De Sudhir Kumar 750.00
Thematic Preoccupation in Anita Desai's Novels Poonam P.Joshi 995.00
Time The Basic Grammer Surendra Barbarwal 1250.00
Tranquility in Turmoil Conversations with Sriram M.Sivaramkrishna 150.00
Turmoil and turn Women in Shashi Deshpandes Novels Dalvir Singh Gahlawat 725.00
Universal Encyclopaedia of the world Literature (3 Volume Set) AnneC.Lynch Botta 4500.00
Unsung Heroes a tribute (Volume II) 195.00
V S Naipaul and Arjun Joshi A Comparative Study A K Muthusamy 475.00
Vistas A Study on the early Writing of Ruskin Bond Benny M.J.Joseph Mukalel 250.00
War Feminism And International Relation V.K.Pandy 925.00
Women and Western American Literature Dr.Meena Prasad 795.00
Women in the novel of paule Narshall Deepa Arya Chaniyal 650.00
Women writers and ndian diaspora Beena Agarwal 500.00
Women Writing Rajesh V.Basiya 995.00
Womens Literature in Indian Languages 1850 to 2000 (Set Vol 2) Dr.Manda Khandge 1500.00
Womens Studies Interdisciplinary Themes and Perspectives Vidyut Bhagwat 300.00
Womens Writers in Indian English Literature Aayushi Yadav 750.00
Womens Writing in Middle English N.K.Singh 850.00
Wonders and Splendousrs in Indian Fiction in English P.Gopichand 695.00
Words : 1979-2010 A Collection of Poems D.C.Chambial 775.00
Words : 1979-2010 A Collection of Poems D.C.Chambial 775.00
Writers and Their Work Robert Browning John Woolford 175.00
Writing Resistance (Beads of Thoughts on Women) Thummpudi Bharathi 895.00
Writing The Diaspora Essays on Culture and Identity Naval Kishore Singh 795.00
Wuthering Heights and the god of small things Lata Marina Varghesey 975.00
Yatra Indian Writing in English After independence Gauri Shankar Jha 750.00