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Book Author Unit Price Quantity Action
Women Religion And Traditions Ursula Kuppuswamy 900.00
Women Rights And Empowerment Sujata Sen 950.00
Women Self-Help Groups and Dairy Farming Dr V M Rao 695.00
Women Studies Prof. N. Jayapalan 225.00
Women Terrorism Causes & Remedies Domestic and International Dr. S. K. Rai 850.00
Women Terrorism Causes & Remedies Domestic And International Dr S K Rai 850.00
Women Through Ages, 552pp, 2004 S. Ram 1100.00
Women Workers in India Ravi Prakash Yadav, Kumar Chandradeep, Barsa 840.00
Women, Conflict-Resolution and Culture Dadhich, N. 550.00
Women's Building Peace Dr D K Verma 850.00
Women's Contribution in India Dr Viplav 1095.00
Women's Education in Modern India Ashish Kalra 895.00
Women's Encyclopedia in 21st Century (2 Volume Set) Sarita Sharma 1795.00
Women's Rights & Empowerment S S Rosemeyer 895.00
Women's Rights & World Devel. Vijay Sharma 600.00
Women's Rights And Social Change (Part-3) S.Wal, S.Banerji 1200.00
Women's Role in Modern Word Shilaja Nagendra 950.00
Women's Self Help Groups (Restructuring Socio-Economic Development) D Parthasarathy, Thanksy F Thekkekara, Veena Poonacha 650.00
Women's Self-Help Groups Brijesh Kumar 950.00
Women's Share in Family Resources in India Shyam Kartik Mishra, Pradeep Kumar Pandey 795.00
Women's Studies Interdisciplinary Themes and Perspectives Vidyut Bhagwat 300.00
Women—Nature, Education, Teaching and Rights, R.K. Tandon 550.00
Women’s Empowerment in India Nayak, S. 995.00
Women’s Human Rights Chatterjee, M. 550.00
Women’s Liberation and Human Rights Sahu, A. 475.00
Women’s Movement and Freedom Struggle Rajkumar 550.00
Women’s Oppression and Protective Law Roy, Kalpana 500.00
Women’s Rights: Search for Identity Sunanda Sagar Rosemeyer 525.00
Women’s Role in Indian National Movement Kumar, Raj 550.00
Women’s Status and Social Change Devi, S. 550.00
Woment Welfare 8176253901 Saumya Kushwaha 1100.00
Working Women and Children (Set of 6 Vols.), Rai, C.P. 7500.00
Working women and Empowerment Dr Shridhar D Joshi, Prof Shyama N Panday 1150.00
Working Women and Retirement, 2001, 360pp Anand, U.K. 700.00
Working Women, 166pp, 2006 S. S. Nair, Sunita Malhotra 425.00
Working Women: Spirituality, Psychological well-being and Marital Adjustment Koradia, K. 450.00
World Assembly on Aging D.B. Rao 200.00
World Culture Shipra Jaiswal 1195.00
World Economic Development Nand Kishore Prasad 995.00
World Encyclopaedia of Women Who Shaped History Warren G bennice 1495.00
World Geography Dr. P. K. Deshai 995.00
World Great Social Reformers, 2007, 266pp Sen, Adeep 750.00
World Perspectives on Women's Education And Equality Krishna Rani Gupta 700.00
World Religions & Islam Hamid Naseem 1600.00
World Summit for Social Development D.B. Rao 450.00
World War II—Medical Services : India, 200pp, 1990 B.L. Raina 400.00
WTO and Small Enterprises in India K. Padmanabhan 585.00
WTO, India and Regionalism in World Trade Jamil Ahmad 670.00
X-Ray on Reservation Provision, 1991, 510pp Dutta, Nalini 450.00
Youth and Gender Politics S.Lal 850.00
Youth and Gender Politics S.Lal 850.00
Youth Development in the New Millennium S. Narayanasamy 525.00
Zari Industry in India (Art & Craft) Girish Rana 825.00