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Book Author Unit Price Quantity Action
Chemistry for Green Environment Shobha Rastogi 1495.00
Chemistry for Health Science M. Satake 550.00
Chemistry in Aqueous & Non-Aqueous Solvents Mido & S. Taguchi 400.00
Chemistry of Air & Air Pollution S.A. Iqbal, Y. Mido 250.00
Chemistry of Alkaloids P.B. Saxena 850.00
Chemistry of Amino-Acids and Proteins G.Singh 825.00
Chemistry of Biomolecules S P Bhutani 225.00
Chemistry of Chemical Bonding Jyotoi Kumar Roshan 900.00
Chemistry of Chemical Bonding R.K. Sharma 875.00
Chemistry of Colour M. Satake 325.00
Chemistry of D-Block Elements G. Singh 825.00
Chemistry of Hydrides and Carbides R.K. Sharma 825.00
Chemistry of Interhalogen Compounds P.B.Saxena 800.00
Chemistry of Lanthanides and Actinides G. Singh 800.00
Chemistry of P-Block Elements M. Satake 325.00
Chemistry of Polycyclic and Hetrocyclic Compounds P.B.Saxena 875.00
Chemistry of Representative Elements 2 Vols Set M. S. Yadav 1250.00
Chemistry of S–Block Elements Y. Mido 175.00
Chemistry of Terpenoids and Carotenoids G.Singh 800.00
Chemistry of Transition Elements M. Satake 375.00
Chemistry of Transition Elements M. S. Yadav 495.00
Chemistry Practical K.N. Rastogi 350.00
Chemistry Quiz Craig, G.R. 150.00
Chemistry: Basic Elements Christopher, J. 900.00
Chemistry: Practical Application Christopher, J. 700.00
Chordate Zoology Dr D B Goswami 950.00
Chordate Zoology Rajesh Kumar 1395.00
Chordate Zoology Dr D B Goswami 950.00
Chordate Zoology Rajesh Kumar 1395.00
Chordate Zoology Dr D B Goswami 950.00
Chordate Zoology Rajesh Kumar 1395.00
Circuit Theory Iyer 275.00
Circuits, Devices and Systems 5ed. Smith 499.00
Civil Aviation and Tourism Administration Gangandeep Singh 925.00
Classic Algebra P M Cohn 3995.00
Classical Electrodynamics 3ed. Jackson 479.00
Classical Mechanics Goldstein 350.00
Climate Change And Biodiversity Dr Nilkanth B Bhusari 995.00
Climate Change And Biodiversity Pawan Kuamr Bharti, Avinsh Chauhan 1000.00
Climate Change and Biodiversity Dr. Nilkanth B. Bhusari 995.00
Climate Change and Chemicals Environmental and Biological Aspects Arvind Goyal 850.00
Climate of Extremes of Global Warming Vijay Mittal 1595.00
Climatology Manoj Singh 950.00
Cmos Digital Integrated Circuits kang 310.00
Collection Development Abdul Mannan Khan 700.00
College Botany For Degree Students (2 Volume Set) Kamal Nayan Joshi 2850.00
College Physics Weber 225.00
College Physics Serway 495.00
College Physics D.K. Jha 950.00
Colloid Chemistry G. Whitmore 500.00
Colloidal & Surface Chemistry Satake & Iqbal 400.00
Colloidal Chemistry A. Goel 900.00
Combinatorics Russell Merris 3995.00
Commercial Protected Floriculture Dr U S Bose 2295.00
Common Medicinal Plants of India S Brahmananda 1150.00
Communication Electronics : Principles & Applications Frenzel 270.00
Communication Systems : Analog & Digital Singh 235.00
Communications Networks : A First Course Walrand 235.00
Comprehensive Dictionary of Physics Wilson Bernard 395.00
Comprehensive Experimental Chemistry V. K. Ahluwalia 150.00
Comprehensive Inorganic Chemistry Chandra, Sulekh 125.00
Computational Biology B Thiagarajan, Pa Rajalakshmi 450.00
Computational Chemistry T N Bisht 995.00
Computational Organic Chemistry and Bioscience D Jolly 400.00
Computational Physics D.K. Jha 950.00
Computational Quantum Chemistry Dr. H N Jha 850.00
Compute Applications in Physics: with Fortran, Basic and c S. Chandra 295.00
Computer Applications in Chemistry Arora, Kishor 500.00
Computer Applications of Mathematics & Statistics Asis Kumar Chattopadhyay, Tanuka Chattopadhyay 195.00
Computer Concepts & Programming in C Naveen Rathor 225.00
Computer Graphics C S Verma 160.00
Computer in Chemistry, (Set of 2 Vols.) Chhatwal, G.R. 2500.00
Computer Networks, 4th ed. Tanenbaum 325.00
Computer Networks: Protocols, Standards and Interfaces Black 250.00
Computer Organization and Architecture : Stallings 350.00
Computer Oriented Numerical Analysis R Roychoudhury 95.00
Computer Science for Competitions D P Nagpal 350.00
Computer System Architecture, 3rd ed., Mano 225.00
Computer-Based Industrial Control, Krishna Kant 325.00
Concept and Application of Group Theory Arora, Kishor 400.00
Concept of Physical Chemistry A.Goel 900.00
Concepts & Practices in Disaster Management P. P. Marathe 250.00
Concepts and Problems in Inorganic Chemistry P.S. Raghavan 1250.00
Concepts and Problems in Physical Chemistry P.S. Raghavan 1800.00
Concepts and Problems in Physical Chemistry P.S.Raghavan 1800.00
Concepts in Biochemistry An Objective Study Shajrul Amin 750.00
Concepts in Biochemistry An Objective Study Shajrul Amin 750.00
Concepts in Biochemistry An Objective Study Shajrul Amin 750.00
Concepts of Biophysics 2005, pp. 400 (Crown Size) Arvind Kumar 1295.00
Concepts of Modern Physics Beiser 295.00
Concepts of Physical Chemistry A. Goel 900.00
Contemporary Communication Using Matlab Prokis 450.00
Contemporary Optics D.K. Jha 700.00
Contemporary Topics in Mathematics and Statistics with Applications (Volume 1) Avishek Adhikari, Mahima Ranjan Adhikari, Yogendra p Chaubey 995.00
Coordinate Geometry of Two And Three Dimensions Dr G Prasad 795.00
Coordination Chemistry M. Satake & Y. Mido 150.00
Coordination Chemistry Sarn, K. 350.00
Coordination Chemistry (IIIrd Edition) D Banerjea 475.00
Coordination Chemistry (Metal Complexes Transition Metal Chemistry with Lanthanides and Actinides) P L Soni, Vandana Soni 1495.00
Corrosion And Enviornment Khalid Sulaiman Khalyl Khairou, Ishaq Zaafarany 1300.00