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Book Author Unit Price Quantity Action
DNA Applications in Diagnostic Ajay Kumar 195.00
Dog Terminology Amita Sarkar 1600.00
Dog Terminology Amita Sarkar 1600.00
Dog Terminology Amita Sarkar 1600.00
Domestic Animal Diversity Amita Sarkar 1100.00
Domestic Animal Diversity Amita Sarkar 1100.00
Domestic Animal Diversity Amita Sarkar 1100.00
Drugs V K Ahluwalia 250.00
Durg Design Morris Sylvin 475.00
Dynamic of Social Change in Earth Quake Dr. Sheikh Nazir Jabbar 795.00
Dynamics of Rigid Bodies S A Mollah 215.00
Earth Science Geology N. J. Purohit 895.00
Earth Science Today Angelou Isabel 1395.00
Earthquake Resistant Building Constructions Hemant Kumar Sharma 700.00
Eco-System and Global Warming Vijay Mittal 1495.00
Eco-Toxicology And Eco-Technology Pawan Kumar Bharti, Mona Saad Ali Zaki 1100.00
Ecology Manju Yadav 850.00
Ecology Environment and Pollution Dr. Varsha R. Munde 995.00
Ecology of Polluted Water and Toxicology K.D. Mishra 650.00
Economic Efficiency in Pulses Cultivation D Amutha 525.00
Economic Geography Philip Emeral 2800.00
Economic Geography R. Jagannathan 950.00
Economic Geography Ramesh Malik 950.00
Economic Geography, Migration and Global Politics L. M. Acharya 795.00
Ecotourism and Its Development P. N. Gririja Prasad 750.00
Ecotourism Guidance for Tour Operator Dr. G. P. Raju 750.00
Electrical and Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation Sawhney A.K. 325.00
Electrical Power Systems: Theory and Practice, Bandyopadhyay 250.00
Electricity Raj Kumar 550.00
Electricity Raj Kumar 550.00
Electricity & Magnetism Mahajan 210.00
Electricity and Electronics Raj Kumar 1700.00
Electricity and Electronics Raj Kumar, Singh 1700.00
Electricity and Electronics Raj Kumar, Seema Singh 1995.00
Electricity and Magnetism Seema Singh 2200.00
Electro Chemistry M.S.Yadav 700.00
Electroanalytical Chemistry Monica Gupta 990.00
Electroanalytical Techniques Laksh, R.L. 450.00
Electroanalytical Techniques M. Kaur 425.00
Electrochemistry Praveen Tyagi 825.00
Electrochemistry and Its Applications G. Whitmore 500.00
Electrochemistry for Environmental Protection D.B. Rao 400.00
Electrodynamics Gupta S.L. 195.00
Electromagnetic Field Theory and Wave Propagation U.Mukherji 275.00
Electromagnetic Field Theory Fundamentals Guru 350.00
Electromagnetic Theory and Optical V.K.Shrivastava 595.00
Electromagnetic Theory and Optics V.K. Shrivastava, 595.00
Electromagnetic Waves Shevgaonkar 199.00
Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating Systems, 2nd ed., Jordan & Balmain 250.00
Electromagnetics S. Singh 900.00
Electromagnetism: Theory and Applications, Pramanik 350.00
Electronic Broadcasting in Modern world S.P.Phadke 900.00
Electronic Circuits : Discrete & Integrated Shilling 375.00
Electronic Circuits & Sys. : Analog & Dgital Bapat 185.00
Electronic Circuits-Principles, Operation and Design, NIIT 250.00
Electronic Communication Systems-A Complete Course, Schweber 350.00
Electronic Communications, 4th ed., Roddy & Coolen 350.00
Electronic Communications: Modulation and Transmission, Schoenbeck 325.00
Electronic Devices and Circuits Salivahanan 150.00
Electronic Devices and Applications, Nair 275.00
Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory, 8th ed., Boylestad 395.00
Electronic Devices and Circuits : An Introduction, Mottershead 275.00
Electronic Devices and Circuits, Kumar & Jain 250.00
Electronic Devices and Circuits, 4th ed., Bell 350.00
Electronic Devieces and Circuits Salivahanan 225.00
Electronic Devies and Circuits Millman 250.00
Electronic Displays : Technology, Design & Applications Whitaker 265.00
Electronic Fundamentals and Applications: Ryder 195.00
Electronic Imaging Technology, Dougherty 325.00
Electronic Instrumentation Kalsi 225.00
Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements, 2nd ed. Bell 250.00
Electronic Instruments & Sys. ; Principles, main. & Troub. Gupta 210.00
Electronic Instruments and Instrumentation Technology, Anand 350.00
Electronic Power Control Gottlieb 225.00
Electronic Principles Malvino 440.00
Electronics Raj Kumar 550.00
Electronics : Analog and Digital, Nagrath 350.00
Electronics in Medicine and Biomedical Instrumentation, Jog 195.00
Electronics: Circuits and Analysis D.C.Dube 250.00
Elementary Analytical Mechanics S.Bose 380.00
Elementary Biophysics: An introductin P.K.Srivastava 195.00
Elementary Chemistry R.K.Sharma 925.00
Elementary Integral Calculus Wilsky Erasmus 1450.00
Elementary Numerical Analysis An Algorithmic Approach Samuel D Conte, Carl De Boor 430.00
Elementary Physics R.K.Sinha 750.00
Elements of Bioinformatics, 2007 M.S. Krishnakumar 1700.00
Elements Of Clinical William Flexner 575.00
Elements of Control Systems, Gupta 250.00
Elements of Discrete Mathematics C L Liu, D P Mohapatra 450.00
Elements of Ecology Dr S A Nasim 850.00
Elements of Genetics R M Shukla 1150.00
Elements of Genetics R M Shukla 1150.00
Elements of Genetics R M Shukla 1150.00
Elements of Graph Theory S K Yadav 270.00
Elements of Nuclear Reactors D.K. Jha 375.00
Elements of Ordinary Differential Equation Dr G Prasad 995.00
Elements of Properties of Matter Mathur D.S. 175.00
Elements of Quantum Optics 3ed. Meystre 495.00
Elements of Surface Chemistry Dr. K Yadav 895.00
Elements of Toxicology Pandey & Shukla 450.00