The journal of Platinum A Peer Reviewed National Multidisciplinary is Multidisciplinary PEER-REVEIEWED research journal and Publish Quarterly issue in English, Hindi, & Marathi languages.

The research papers, articles , notes, book reviews from science, Engineering & Technology, Pharmacy, Law, Social Science, Music ,Fine Arts, Commerce, Agriculture, Languages are welcomed

Editorial board look forward that this journal will bring together the most distinguished scientist Engineer Scholars & Policy makers to discuss the latest development & issues in various field.

The journal will prove an ideal platform for research scholars & academicians to publish their valuable work.


Dr. Madhukar. V. Patil, Nandurbar


Dr. Shubhangi D. Rathi

Dr. H.R.Chaudhari

Prin. Dr. Vinod V. Patil

Dr. S.J. Patil

Advisory Editors

Dr. Shyam Kayande, Nagpur

Dr. Shivankar S.N., Karnataka

Dr.Dipak V.Patil, Dhule

Dr. Kishor Gaikwad, Mumbai

Prin. Dr. A.P.Khairnar,Nizampur

Dr. Prashant Puranik, Ujjain (M.P.)

Dr. Naresh J. Parikh, Gujrat

Dr. A. M. Garode, Chikhli

Managing Editor

Mr. Yuvraj Mali

Important Instructions

It is necessary to send the hard copy of research paper along with a CD. Research Paper should be typed in PageMaker 7.0 OR Microsoft Word For Marathi/Hindi font use Shree-dev7-0708,Unicode,ISM,Kruti and English use Times New Roman.

Research paper should be computer typed properly In A4 size paper and should not be more than six pages including the Reference and Bibliography. We reserve the right to edit the paper if it contains more than six pages.

Photocopy of this membership form can also be accepted.

For further details and enquiry contact the managing editor on following Mobile No.

9764694797, 9405206230

General Instructions

  1. No Remuneration will be paid for the publication of Research paper /Article.
  2. Research papers /Articles related to the branches like science, Engineering & Technology, Pharmacy, Law, Social Science, Music ,Fine Arts, Commerce, Agriculture, Languages, Will be accepted.
  3. The view expressed in the published papers/ articles are not necessarily the view of Editorial Board of Platinum A Peer Reviewed National Multidisciplinary Journal, Jalgaon (M.S)
  4. Please see the membership form and the rules and regulation at the end of the journal.
  5. This is the Non-Commercial Co-operative enterprise for the publication of Research Papers/Article of professors for professors and by professors.
  6. D.D./M.O should be in favour of Mr. Yuvraj B Mali, editor Platinum A Peer Reviewed National Multidisciplinary Journal Jalgaon Payable at Jalgaon and Should be sent on the address of the research journal.
  7. The Research paper/ article should be accepted in English, Hindi, as well as Marathi Language.
  8. All the legal undertaking related to this research journal are subjected to be hearable at Dhule Jurisdiction only.
  9. The research journal will be sent by normal post. If the journal is not received by the author of research papers then it will not the responsibility of Editor and publisher. The amount or registered post should be given by the author of research paper. It will be not possible to sent second copy of research Journal.
  10. For book reviews, please send two copies of the book (one for the Reviewer and other for the library of the journal) to the Managing editor.
  11. The decision of the acceptance or non acceptance of the Research Papers/ Articles for the publication in the Platinum A Peer Reviewed National Multidisciplinary Journal will be taken by the editorial board after the recommendation of two experts of the concerned subject.
  12. Thoughts, Language vision and example in published research paper are entirely of author of research paper. It is necessary that both editor and editorial board are satisfied by the research paper. The responsibility of the matter of research paper is entirely of author.
  13. In any condition if any National/ International university denies to accept the research paper published in the journal then it is not the responsibility of Editor, Managing Editor Publisher and Management.
  14. Before re-use of published research paper in any manner, it is compulsory to take written acceptance form Managing Editor unless it will be assumed as disobedience of copyright rules.

Platinum A Peer Reviewed National Multidisciplinary Journal


Copyright Transfer Agreement

This is to state that the copyright of my/our paper entitled Submitted for publication in the “Platinum A Peer Reviewed National Multidisciplinary Journal”is hereby transferred to the Editorial Boardfor publication in the Journal. I/we also grant permission to Editor for making necessary changes in the title and content of the paper, if required, while being considered for publication.

I/we further state that the above paper has not been published or sent for publication. By me/us or anybody for any other Book, conference, seminar, journal or other publication.

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