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Book Author Unit Price Quantity Action
A Concise History of Islam Aariz Hassan 1495.00
A Hand Book of Islamic Architecture Abdul Alim 1495.00
A Journey from Ambedkar to Mayawati Dr. G. Prasad 750.00
A Textbook of Human Rights Anil Grover 950.00
भारतीय स्त्री आणि मानवाधिकार Dr. Smita Mehetre 150.00
गॉंधी विचार रत्न Saurabh Upadhyay 725.00
महिलांचे राजकीय सक्षमीकरण Dr. Dipak Pawar 200.00
महिलांच्या सत्तासंघर्षाचा आलेख Dr. Vaishali Pawar 250.00
महात्मा गांधी और अम्बेडकर Pradip Mathur 750.00
महात्मा गॉंधी और अम्बेडकर Dr. Satish Gupta 700.00
कुटुंबसंस्था आणि परित्यक्ता स्त्री Dr. Shila D. Deshpande 125.00
विविधांगी आयामातून स्त्री Dr. Alka Deshmukh 100.00
Abortion in India Facts and Realities Deepa Sarkar 825.00
Ambedkar and Humanism D. R. Jatava 550.00
Ambedkar As A Political Thinker P. K. Nandeshwar 950.00
Ambedkar, Dalit Politics and Inclusion V. K. Srivastava 900.00
Ambedkar's Vision in 21st Century L. K. Singh 750.00
An Enclyclopaedic Compendium of Muslim Communities in the World Danish Yusuf 1495.00
B. R. Ambedkar A Vision of Man and Morals D. R. Jatava 550.00
B. R. Ambedkar As A Human Right Leaders Kaushalendra 850.00
B. R. Ambedkar Man and His Vision Rajkumar Yadav 900.00
Basic Documents on International Protection of Human Rights Babu Lal Nagar 850.00
Biographical Encyclopaedia of Islam Ghulam Tahir 1495.00
Career Development & Women in Present Scenario Niranjankaur Sardar 695.00
Challenges of Women Empowerment R K Bakshi 750.00
Child Development Dr shridhar Joshi, Dr Parth Joshi 1150.00
Children and Human Rights Varun Naik, Mukesh Sahni 975.00
Children With Disabilities Teachers Awareness on Disabilities P Renuka 400.00
Communal Harmony and Human Rights S. R. Bakshi 1200.00
Composite Nationalism and Islam Hakim Abbas 1495.00
Contemporary Issues in Islamic Law Aariz Hassan 1495.00
Crime, Human Rights and Justice New Millennium A. L. Prasad 850.00
Criminal Process and Human Rights Dr. Sow J. B. Auradkar 995.00
Current Issues in Human Rights and International Relations Ravi C. Mandal 850.00
Dalit Mobilisation and Human Rights Caste Discrimination Surinder Khanna 800.00
Dalit Movement in India Dr. Ashok Acharya 900.00
Dalit Women and Human Rights Surinder Khanna 850.00
Dalit Women and Human Rights Manoharlal Tomar 950.00
Dalit Women In India (Issues And Perspectives) S Lata Agnihotri 850.00
Dalits and Human Rights Varun Naik 975.00
Dalits and Human Rights Dr. Bipin Prasad 895.00
Declaration of Human Rights S. K. Panneer Selvam 300.00
Democracy and Human Rights Varun Naik 995.00
Democracy and Human Rights Surinder Khanna 800.00
Democracy Good Goverance and Human Rights W. R. Mujawar 1050.00
Democracy Good Governance And Human Rights W R Mujawar, N K Sardar 1050.00
Democracy, Good Governance and Human Rights Chandrabhan Singh 900.00
Development of Women Entrepreneurship G Renuka, G Ramakrishna Reddy 895.00
Development of Women Issues And Challenges G Sandhya Rani 1550.00
Divorce And Muslim Women Baquir Sattar 1495.00
Dr. Ambedkar Vision - Dalit Education and Modernization Dr. Akash Singh 795.00
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and Caste Mobilisation S. K. Kapoor 900.00
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and Emancipation of Women Dr. S. N. Salawade 795.00
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and Untouchability B. Senapathi 895.00
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar And Women's Empowerment Dr. Gandhiji C. M. 895.00
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Caste Class and Indian Society Dr. S. R. Gaikwad 800.00
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar The Emancipator of The Oppressed Rajkumar Yadav 925.00
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and Brahmanism R. K. Dhillon 890.00
Dynamics of Women Empowerment in India Dr M Alamgeer, Dr Abhilasha Singh 795.00
Education for Sustainability Kshirsagar O. M. 950.00
Education Power in 21st Century Girgaonkar B. G. 995.00
Empowering Women Through Education M Nakkiran 900.00
Empowering Women Through Education Birajlakshmi Ghosh, Jayanta Mete 650.00
Empowering Women Through Microfinance S K Chaudhury 525.00
Empowerment of Rural Women Issues and Opportunities Anita Chaudhary 725.00
Empowerment of Women S K Panneer Selvam 695.00
Empowerment of Women Strategies & Systems for Gender Justice M Razia Parvin 850.00
Encyclopaedia of Curriculum Reforms & New Teaching Methods (set of 4 vols.) Anita Sharma 3500.00
Encyclopaedia of Human Right (2 vols) Sanjay Kumar Singh 2200.00
Encyclopaedia of Human Rights (Set of 10 vols.) Varun Naik 10900.00
Encyclopaedia of Islamic Art and Architecture Danish Yusuf 1495.00
Encyclopaedia of Speeches and Writings of Bal Gangadhar Tilak (2 vols.) P. Singh 2000.00
Encyclopaedia of Women Achievers Across the World (4 Volume Set) Dr Preeti Singh, Nidhi Jethwant 3600.00
Encyclopaedia of Women's Studies Mamta Singh 995.00
Encyclopaedia on Gandhi and Nehru Dynasty (No. of 2 vols.) Dr. Avinash Kumar Jha 2000.00
Encyclopaedia on Tagore and Contemporary Thinkers (2 Vols.) Dr. Avinash Kumar Jha 2000.00
Entrepreneurship and Rural Women in India Jitendra Ahirrao 675.00
Exploitation of Women And Child Labour (A Criminal Abuse) Sukhpal Kataria 725.00
Family Violence in India M. B. Agrwal 895.00
Gandhi & Nehru Life and Thoughts Nibedita Dash 750.00
Gandhi Ambedkar and Dalit Rakesh K. Sinha 850.00
Gandhi and Untouchablity Rakesh K. Sinha 895.00
Gandhi As Spelt out by Vinoba Dr. Ratan Das 750.00
Gandhi Nehru and Tagore Dr. D. B. Aghav 975.00
Gandhi's Doctrine of Truth and Non-violence a Critical Study Dipty M. Das 395.00
Gandhi's Doctrine of Truth and Non-violence a Critical Study Dipty M. Das 395.00
Gandhian Humanity Rajesh Shukla 980.00
Gandhian Thoughts of Economics A. K. Singh 875.00
Gandhii, Gandhism and Gandhians C. M. Chakrabortry 800.00
Gender And US Foreign Policy Chandrika Sah 995.00
Gender Inequality & Women Empowerment Anil Kumar Jha 850.00
Global Agenda for Human Rights Varun Naik 1050.00
Global Human Rights Issues & Initiatives Satya P. Kanan 1495.00
Global Information Society and Human Rights M. V. Raju 750.00
Globalisation and Human Rights in India Neelima Singh 825.00
Globalisation and its Impact on Human Rights K. Paul 750.00
Globalisation and Women Empowerment Dr M N Bhagat 875.00
Globalisation, Media and Women Empowerment Anita Chaudhari 725.00
Globalization and Human Rights Varun Naik 995.00
Handbook of Constitutional Human Rights Mohd. Yashin Ahmed 995.00