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Book Author Unit Price Quantity Action
3000 Solved Problems in Organic Chemistry Estelle K Meislich, Herbert Meislich, Joseph Sharefkin 560.00
A Chemical Analyser's Guide Sananda Chatterjee 1150.00
A Chemical Analyser’s Guide: A Practical Approach to Chemist & Laboratory Guide Sananda Chatterjee 795.00
A Handbook of Nanochemistry Patrick Salomon 795.00
A Handbook of Spectroscopic Data Chemistry B.D. Mistry 250.00
A Text Book of Dyes Arora, M.G. 200.00
A Textbook ;of Organic Reaction Mechanism P N Mukherjee 1495.00
A Textbook Nanochemistry O P Khanna 995.00
A Textbook of Advance Biological Chemistry S N Lal, A K Shrivastava 1495.00
A Textbook of Analytical Chemistry: Instrumental Techniques Mahinder Singh 895.00
A Textbook of Biochemistry 2 Vols Set Mahinder Singh 1450.00
A Textbook of Biological Chemistry M S Yadav 450.00
A Textbook of Environmental Chemistry and Pollution Control S.S.Dogra 595.00
A Textbook of Objective Inorganic Chemistry R K Yadav 950.00
A Textbook of Objective Microbiology R M Aggarwal 850.00
A Textbook of Objective Organic Chemistry P N Mukherjee 795.00
A Textbook of Objective Physical Chemistry P C Acharya 750.00
A Textbook of Organic Chemistry Mr. Vishal V Naiknaware 100.00
A Textbook of Physical Chemistry Negi, A.S. 395.00
A Textbook of Stereochemistry Mahinder Singh 495.00
Adsorption and Catalysis G.Whitmore 400.00
Adsorption: Surface Chemistry Tushar, P. 500.00
Advance Dictionary Of Chemistry Devender Arora 450.00
Advance Inorganic Chemistry Vol. 1 K.Ishita 1200.00
Advanced Biophysics Jyotoi Kumar Roshan 900.00
Advanced Dictionary of Chemistry P. C. Salpekar 250.00
Advanced Experimental Inorganic Chemistry Ayodhya Singh 1100.00
Advanced Experimental Organic Chemistry Ayodhya Singh 1000.00
Advanced Experimental Physical Chemistry Ayodhya Singh 1300.00
Advanced in Chemistry Dr. Dinesh R Patel 895.00
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Dr. Sujata Roy 1150.00
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Sujata Pattanaik 850.00
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Ranpal Singh 800.00
Advanced Organic Chemistry (Reactions and Mechanisms) Dr. B N Sinha 1100.00
Advanced Organic Chemistry (Reactions and Mechanisms) Arun Sarkar 795.00
Advanced Physical Chemistry Dr. S N Rajpal 995.00
Advanced Physical Chemistry D K Dhingra 850.00
Advanced Polymer Chemistry, 2007 V.K. Selvaraj 575.00
Advanced Solid State Chemistry, 2007 V.K. Selvaraj 400.00
Advanced Thermodynamics V.K.Selvaraj 425.00
Advances in Bioinformatics, 2007 M.S. Krishnakumar 1600.00
Advances in Inorganic Chemistry K.R.Desai 900.00
Agricultural Chemistry Dr. A K Pradhan 775.00
Agricultural Chemistry A.K.Pradhan 775.00
Alicyclic Chemistry V K Ahluwalia, Renu Aggarwal 180.00
Aliphatic Compounds: Sulphur, Phosphorus Silicon & Boron Amit Arora 750.00
Aliphatic Organic Chemistry Amit Arora 800.00
Amino Acids And Proteins Hemant Panwar 1495.00
Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins S P Bhutani 195.00
An Introduction to Analytical Chemistry S.A.Iqbal 350.00
An Introduction to Nuclear Chemistry M. Satake 325.00
An Introduction to Physical Chemistry Das, Ishwar 160.00
An Introduction to Quantum Chemistry Satake & Taguchi 500.00
Analytical Chemistry Karan Sareen 350.00
Antibiotics V K Ahluwalia 180.00
Applied Colloid and Surface Chemistry Richard M Pashley, Marilyn E karaman 1695.00
Aromatic Organic Chemistry Amit Arora 875.00
Atomic Spectroscopy G. Whitmore 250.00
Atomic Structure Nisha Gupta 900.00
Atomic Structure Y. Mido & Iqbal 175.00
Basic Bioinformatics, 2007 M.S. Krishnakumar 1700.00
Basic Concept of Physical Chemistry P.K.Mohanty 750.00
Basic Concept of The Corrosion Protection of Stainless Steel Rajesh Kumar Singh 375.00
Basic Concepts of Analytical Chemistry Khopkar, S.M. 295.00
Basic Inorganic Chemistry Giridhar Sharma 795.00
Basic Physical Chemistry Chandrasekhara Reddy 525.00
Basics of Agricultural Chemistry, 2009 Choudhary, Dewasish 900.00
Basics of Environmental Chemistry, 2009 Choudhary, C.K. 900.00
Basics of Food Chemistry, 2008 Chaudhary, Roshan 900.00
Basics of Photochemistry, 2008 Chaudhary, Roshan 900.00
Basics of the Hard Science -Basics of Agricultural Chemistry Dewasish Choudhari 900.00
Basics of the Hard Science -Basics of Nuclear Chemistry Ram Naresh Mahaling 900.00
Basics of the Hard Science -Basics of Photochemistry Roshan Chaudhary 900.00
Basics of the Hard Sciences - Basics of Environmental Chemistry C.K.Choudhary 900.00
Basics of the Hard Sciences -Basics of Food Chemistry Roshan Chaudhary 900.00
Bio-Organic Chemistry S. Delvin 300.00
Bio-Physical Chemistry M.Satake 550.00
Biochemical Elements Christopher, J. 900.00
Biochemistry L Veerakumari 220.00
Biochemistry S.A. Iqbal 800.00
Biochemistry: The Practice Portfolio of Latest Questions A. N. Mishra 295.00
Biodiversity and Environment M.L. Narasaiah 325.00
Bioinformatics : Biocomputing and the Internet, 2007 M.S. Krishnakumar 1700.00
Bioinformatics, 2007 M.S. Krishnakumar 1600.00
Bioinorgainic Chemistry Rosette M. Roat-Malone 3995.00
Bioinorganic Chemistry Morris Sylvin 200.00
Bioinorganic Chemistry M. Satake 550.00
Biological Control Of Environ. P. Kumar 575.00
Biology For Chemist G. Whitmore 450.00
Biomolecules S.R. Mishra 750.00
Bioorganic, Bioinorganic and Supramolecular Chemistry Kalsi, P.S. 280.00
Biophysical Chemistry Satake & Iqbal 550.00
Biophysical Chemistry -Principles and Techniques Upadhyay 850.00
Biotoxicology Kamal Nayan Vohra 1250.00
Carbohodrates and Proteins Amit Arora 775.00
Chemical Bonding Mamta V Sachdeva 900.00
Chemical Bonding M.S. Sethi & M. Satake 250.00
Chemical Crystallography and Liquid Crystals C.Whitmore 400.00
Chemical Equilibrium and Chemical Kinetics K.K.Sahani 750.00
Chemical Kinetics Praveen Tyagi 925.00