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Book Author Unit Price Quantity Action
A Modern Book of Plant Bio-Technology Dr Varsha R Munde 995.00
A Text Book of Environmental Biology Imtiyaz Hussain Zaheed, Rafiuddin Naser 2000.00
A Textbook of Algae R M Johri, Sneh Lata, Sandhya Sharma 1495.00
A Textbook of Algae Chadrakant Pathak 775.00
A Textbook of Angiosperms Pratibha Saxena 1150.00
A Textbook of Botany Linda R Berg 375.00
A Textbook of Bryophyta Manas Malhotra, Chandrakant Pathak 850.00
A Textbook of Cell Biology R M Shukla 1495.00
A Textbook of Entomology B D Patnaik 695.00
A Textbook of Environmental Biology S K Dubey 1195.00
A Textbook of Gymnosperm RM Johri, Sneh Lata, Kavita Tyagi 895.00
A Textbook of Human Genetics Amita Sarkar 1495.00
A Textbook of Molecular Biology Sriram Sridhar 995.00
A Textbook of Plant Anatomy Pratibha Saxena, Susheela M Das 1195.00
A Textbook of Plant Diseases and Their Control (2 Volume Set) Mukta Bhargava 1495.00
A Textbook of Plant Genetics Madhusudan Mishra, Prabhakar Sharma 995.00
A Textbook of Plant Physiology M G Madhavan 895.00
A Textbook of Plant Physiology (Theory & Objectives) Susheela M Das 1495.00
A Textbook of Plant Taxonomy (Theory & Objectives) Susheela M Das 1250.00
A Textbook of Pteridophyta Pratibha Saxena, Chandrakant Pathak 995.00
A Textbook of Pteridophyta R M Johri, Sneh Lata, Sandhya Sharma 850.00
A Textbook of Taxonomy Manas Malhotra, Susheela M Das 1050.00
Advance in Horticulture (Trends and Techniques) Ranjan K Gupta 800.00
Advances in Agricultural And Ecology Pawan Kuamr Bharti, Avinsh Chauhan, Ezeaku Peter Ikemefuna 1600.00
Advances in Agricultural Biotechnology Dr Varsha R Munde 950.00
Advances in Biotechnology And Ecological Sciences Pawan Kumar Bharti, Avnish chauhan, Jaswant Ray 1150.00
Advances in Plant Tissue Culture Kirti K Prasad 750.00
Agri-Business Management Yashasvi R Rajpara 995.00
Agri-Business Present and Future A K Agarwal 750.00
Agricultural Acarology Shubharata R Mishra 1000.00
Agricultural Biotechnology C Lal, S A Nasim 750.00
Agricultural Biotechnology V K Gaur 995.00
Agricultural Drainage And Water Quality Anupam Pandey 1150.00
Agricultural Finance D N K Jain 950.00
Agricultural Microbiology & Biotechnology Dr G Prabhakaran 1095.00
Agricultural Nanotechnology D K Bansal 895.00
Agro And Industrial Biotechnology P K Chakraborty 795.00
Agro-Biotechnology for Sustainable Development P S Wakte, V S Hamde, J D Jawalikar & Other 1695.00
Agro-Techniques of Medicinal Plants Sadhana Singh 950.00
Alkaloids V K Ahluwalia 250.00
An Introduction to Biodiversity Prithipalsingh 210.00
An Introduction to Plant Pathology Dr S A Nasim 850.00
An Introduction To Systems Biology (Design Principles of Biological Circuits) Uri Alon 1695.00
Analysis of Pollination And Ovule Dr R D Gupta 950.00
Animal Reproduction Dr Ashok Kumar Sharma 1995.00
Aquaculture Biotechnology V Ramchandran 850.00
Aquaculture Fisheries Biotechnology And Genetics Yougesh Kumar, Rajeev Tyagi 1195.00
Aquaculture Management & Technology S B Agnihotri 900.00
Aquatic Biodiversity Colker Bruce 1595.00
Aquatic Biodiversity And Pollution Pawan Kumar Bharti, Avnish Chauhan, Hussein Abdel-Hay Kaoud 1000.00
Aromatic And Essential Oil Plants Rajaram Choyal 950.00
Basic Limnology And Fish Biodiversity Babul Das, Devashish Kar 650.00
Biodiversity (Threats to Conservation) K N Dubey, G P Yadav, A K Roy, H K Chourasia 900.00
Biodiversity & Conservation International Perspectives V K Chhazllani 825.00
Biodiversity & conservation of Medicinal Plants B K Tyagi 1150.00
Biodiversity of Aquatic Ecosystem(Significance, Threats and Conservation) Pawan Kumar Bharti, Hussein Abdel-Hay Koud 1200.00
Biodiversity of Mosquitoes T V Sathe, B P Tingare 595.00
Biofuels in India Kumari Swarnim 850.00
Biology and Diversity of Lower Plants: Crytogames Sangeeta Menon 950.00
Biology Glossary (of Terms, Definitions, Concepts, Methods, Laws, Scientists & Their Works and Experiments) Dr Mithilesh Kamat 145.00
Bioprocess Engineering Biswajit Mukherjee 850.00
biosystematics Texonomy And Biostatistics M P Goswami 950.00
Biotechnology For Functional Foods And Nutraceuticals Gaurav Bhardwaj 900.00
Botany V verma 495.00
Botany A Handbook for Viva-Voce N K Singh, Ashok Kumar, M Patralekh 300.00
Carbohydrates S P Bhutani 195.00
Cell And Molecular Biology Prakash S Lohar 240.00
Cell And Molecular Biology of Plants Dr C P Singh 950.00
Cell Biology Y K Mehta 950.00
Cell Biology Dr V K Chhazllani 850.00
Cell Division in Plants Dr B B Sharma 950.00
Climate Change And Biodiversity Dr Nilkanth B Bhusari 995.00
Climate Change And Biodiversity Pawan Kuamr Bharti, Avinsh Chauhan 1000.00
College Botany For Degree Students (2 Volume Set) Kamal Nayan Joshi 2850.00
Commercial Protected Floriculture Dr U S Bose 2295.00
Common Medicinal Plants of India S Brahmananda 1150.00
Computational Biology B Thiagarajan, Pa Rajalakshmi 450.00
Corrosion And Enviornment Khalid Sulaiman Khalyl Khairou, Ishaq Zaafarany 1300.00
Cultivation & Agronomy of Medicinal Plants P K Bhagat 850.00
Cytogenetics, Evolution And Biostatistics R S Shukla, P S Chandel 170.00
Cytology, Genetics And Cytogenetics N Srinivasan Iyer 950.00
Dictionary of Medicinal Plants R G Brown 250.00
Direct Uses of Medicinal Plants and Their Indentification Rashtra Vardhana 1750.00
Diseases of Plantation Crops G P Gupta 1250.00
DNA Applications in Biology Ajay Kuamar 195.00
Eco-Toxicology And Eco-Technology Pawan Kumar Bharti, Mona Saad Ali Zaki 1100.00
Economic Efficiency in Pulses Cultivation D Amutha 525.00
Elements of Ecology Dr S A Nasim 850.00
Emerging Agrarian Ecological Crisis And Food Safety Lingaraj Patro 1295.00
Encyclopaedia Natura Medica (4 Volume Set) Teresa Baldwin, Vincent Scalzo 9500.00
Encyclopaedia of Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants (4 Volume Set) P Bhaskar 6000.00
Encyclopaedia of Commercial Crops (3 Volume Set) G S Millet 7500.00
Encyclopaedia of Entomology (3 Volume Set) Nitish Shekhar 3600.00
Encyclopaedia of General Gardening for Common People R K Chauhan 1150.00
Encyclopaedia of Genetics Shweta Sharma, Prakash Triveni 1895.00
Encyclopaedia of Genomics Shweta Sharma, Prakash Triveni 1995.00
Encyclopaedia of Medicinal Plants of the World (10 Volume Set) L P Deshmukh 30000.00
Encyclopaedia of Pharmaceutical And Herbal Medicinal Plants (4 Volume Set) R B Pradhan, S B Naidu 6000.00
Encyclopaedia of Plant Systematics (6 Volume Set) M A Kidwai, Keki J Sawant 12500.00
Encyclopaedia of Seed Technology (5 Volumes Set) Sid Barua, Murli Krishnan 8500.00