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Book Author Unit Price Quantity Action
3-D Analytical Geometry And Probability S Santha, T Pathinathan 150.00
A First Course In Number Theory K C Chowdhury 235.00
A Text Book of Advance Calculus, Vectors and Numerical Analysis Dr A A Ansari, Dr S K D Dubey 895.00
A Text Book of Complex Variables and Calculus of Variation Dr A K Ansari, Dr R Y Denis, 795.00
A Text Book of Mechanics (Statics & Dynamics) Prof H S Shukla, Dr R N Lal 695.00
A Text Book of Operation Research Dr P R Singh, Dr T N Singh 695.00
A Text Book of Statics Dr G Prasad 695.00
A Textbook of Advance Calculus G C Chaubey S K D Dubey M U Khan D S Pandey 1250.00
A Textbook of Advance Calculus, Vector & Numerical Analysis A A Ansari, J P Pandey, S K D Debey, Rajesh Pandey 1795.00
A Textbook of Algebra and Trigonometry H D Pandey, R J Srivastava, K K Gupta 995.00
A Textbook of Analytical Geometry H D Pandey, M Q Khan, S K D Debey, O P Dubey 1695.00
A Textbook of Analytical Geometry & Vector Analysis H D Pandey, M Q Khan, B N Gputa 925.00
A Textbook of Differential Calculus U P Singh, R J Srivastava N H Siddiqui 895.00
A Textbook of Differential Equations A A Ansari, S K D Dubey 1495.00
A Textbook of Integral Calculus U P Singh, R J Srivastava, N H Siddiqui 895.00
A Textbook of Linear Algebra M Q Khan, R C Upadhyay, S K D Dubey, K B Yadav 1195.00
A Textbook of Mathematics Mahadevaiah, Seethalakshmi, Nagaraja 450.00
A Textbook of Modern Algebra Jagdamba Prasad Shukla 1495.00
A Textbook of Probability Theory K N Kapoor 345.00
A Textbook of Spherical Trigonometry and Spherical Astronomy S K D Dubey, D S Pandey, B D Dwivedi 1250.00
A Textbook of Vector Analysis and Geometry H D Pandey, S K D Dubey, S N Pandey 1495.00
Advanced Differential Calculus Wilsky Erasmus 1450.00
Advanced Differential Equations Wilsky Erasmus 1450.00
Advanced Engineering Mathematics - Volume I V R Lakshmi Gorty 180.00
Advanced Mathematics for Engineering & Technology Dr S N Pandey, Dr G Prasad 1600.00
An Introduction to Probability Theory Kishore K Das, Dibyojyoti Bhattacharjee 195.00
Applied Mathematics - I Abhimanyu Singh 325.00
Basic Mathematics for BCA J P Singh 295.00
Calculus J P Singh 350.00
Classic Algebra P M Cohn 3995.00
Combinatorics Russell Merris 3995.00
Computer Applications of Mathematics & Statistics Asis Kumar Chattopadhyay, Tanuka Chattopadhyay 195.00
Computer Oriented Numerical Analysis R Roychoudhury 95.00
Contemporary Topics in Mathematics and Statistics with Applications (Volume 1) Avishek Adhikari, Mahima Ranjan Adhikari, Yogendra p Chaubey 995.00
Coordinate Geometry of Two And Three Dimensions Dr G Prasad 795.00
Differential Equations & Integral Tr4ansforms U P singh, S K D Dubey 1195.00
Differential Equations With Applications and Historical Notes George F Simmons 440.00
Discrete Mathematics and Logic Design Raman Kumar, D G Mahto 395.00
Discrete Mathematics And Logic Design Raman Kumar, D G Mahto 1695.00
Discrete Mathematics for Undergraduate J P Singh 250.00
Discrete Mathematics with Graph Theory S K Yadav 395.00
Dynamics of Rigid Bodies S A Mollah 215.00
Elementary Integral Calculus Wilsky Erasmus 1450.00
Elementary Numerical Analysis An Algorithmic Approach Samuel D Conte, Carl De Boor 430.00
Elements of Discrete Mathematics C L Liu, D P Mohapatra 450.00
Elements of Graph Theory S K Yadav 270.00
Elements of Ordinary Differential Equation Dr G Prasad 995.00
Encyclopaedic Textbook of Mathematical Analysis A K Sharma 1995.00
Engineering Mathematics - I Abhimanyu Singh 395.00
Fourier Analysis Eric Stade 3995.00
Functional Analysis An Introduction to Banach Space Theory Terry J Morrison 3995.00
Fundamentals of Business Mathematics M K Bhowal 275.00
Introduction to Linear Algebra with Application to Basic Cryptography M R Adhikari, Avishek Adhikari 165.00
Introduction to Probability and Staistics J Susan Milton, Jesse C Arnold 600.00
Introduction to Stochastic Search and Optimization James C Spall 4995.00
Introduction to Tensor Calculus Rev Fr F Goreux 30.00
Introductory Linear Algebra Balram Dubey 95.00
Linear Algebra Rakesh Kumar Pandey 1500.00
Mahthematics for JEE (Coordinate Geometry) G Tewani 420.00
Mathematics - I (For BCA) Zubair Khan, Shadab Ahmad Khan, Qazi Shoeb Ahmad 295.00
Mathematics - II (For BCA) Shadab Ahmad Khan, Qazi Shoeb Ahmad, Zubair Khan 235.00
Mathematics for JEE (Algebra) G Tewani 525.00
Mathematics for JEE (Calculus) G Tewani 550.00
Mathematics for JEE (Trigonometry) G Tewani 325.00
Mathematics for JEE (Vectors & 3D Geometry) G Tewani 350.00
NCERT Solutions Mathematics (Class 12th) Prem Kumar 245.00
Objective Mathematics A K Sharma 285.00
Objective Mathematics (For All Cometitive Examinations) A K Sharma 285.00
Operation Research Ramakant Pandey 895.00
Operations Research Jaya Banerjee 925.00
Partial Differential Equations and the Finite Element Method Pavel Solin 3995.00
Plates Theories and Applications K Bhaskar, T K Varadan 395.00
Practical Mathematics Gurpreet Singh Tuteja 399.00
Practice with Mathematics G Tewani 425.00
Principles of Differential Equations Neslson G Markley 3995.00
Probability and Random Processes Dr R Pugalarasu 450.00
Probability Distribution V K Saxena 800.00
Probability, Random Variables and Stochastic Processes Athanasios Papoulis, S Unnikrishna Pillai 495.00
Quantitative Methods C B Gupta 195.00
Real & Complex Analysis R Y Denis, S K D Dubey 995.00
Real Analysis J P Singh 225.00
Research Methods in Mathematical Sciences U Rizwan 200.00
S Chand's Mathematics (For Class XI) H K Dass, Dr Rama Verma 475.00
Special Functions & Their Applications U P Singh, R Y Denis 750.00
Statistical Methods Kapil Sharma 1250.00
Statistical Methods S L Gupta 1495.00
Statistics Volume I Dr Manoj K Bhowal, Dr Pronob Barua 195.00
Text Book of Vector Analysis & coordinate geometry G Prasad, C K Mishra 1795.00
Textbook of Algebra Rakesh Kumar Pandey 1500.00
Textbook of Analytical Geometry Rakesh Kumar Pandey 1500.00
Topology Point-set and Geometric Paul L Shick 3995.00
Trigonometry With Applications Dambaru Bhatta 225.00
U G Mathematics Madhumangal Pal 200.00
Vector Calculus Dr G Prasad 995.00
Vector Calculus Rakesh Kumar Pandey 1595.00
Vector Calculus Rakesh Kumar Pandey 1500.00