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Book Author Unit Price Quantity Action
2000 Solved Prob. In Digital Electronics Bali 265.00
2000 Solved Prob. In Electronics Cathey 285.00
A Course of Experiments with He-Ne Lasers Sirohi, R. S. 120.00
A First course in Digital Systems Design Uyemura 525.00
A Text Book of Magnetism R.K. Verma 725.00
A Text Book of Magnetostatics R.K. Verma 800.00
A Text Book of Rotational Mechanics D.K. Jha 800.00
A Text Book of Simple Harmonic Motion and D.K. Jha 800.00
A Text Book of Thermodynamics D.K. Jha 550.00
A Text Book of Vector Dynamics D.K. Jha 850.00
A Textbook of Mechanics Pande,Singh & Lal 395.00
A Textbook of Sound Subrahmanyam 120.00
Advance Quantum Mechanics Sakurai 299.00
Advanced Computer Architecture: A Systems Design Approach Kain 350.00
Advanced Digital Communication Systems, NIIT 350.00
Advanced Electronic Communication Systems, 6th ed., Tomasi 250.00
Advances in High Pressure Science and Technology Yousuf, Mohd., 450.00
An Intro. To the Principles of Communication Theory Hancock 125.00
An Introduction to Analog & Digital Communication Haykin 279.00
An Introduction to Materials Science H. B. Lal 995.00
An Introduction to Mechanics Kleppner 295.00
Analog and Digital Communication Systems, 3rd ed., Roden 250.00
Analog and Digital Signal Porcessing Ambardar 395.00
Analog and Digital Signal Processing Ambardar 395.00
Analog Electronics, Pittet 250.00
Analysis and Design of Machine Elements with CD V.K.Jadon 750.00
Analytical Mechanics Fowles 299.00
Antennas For All Application Kraus 325.00
Astrophysics: Stars and Galaxies Abhyankar, K.D. 625.00
Atomic Structure H.K. Sharma 300.00
Atoms, Molecules and Lasers KPR Nair 295.00
Automatic Control Systems, 7th ed., Kuo 325.00
Basic Electrical Engineering K.N.Srinivas 225.00
Basic Electro-Optics for Electrical Engineers, Boreman 125.00
Basic Electronics Theraja B.L. 315.00
Basic Electronics Grob 595.00
Basic Electronics Basavaraj 210.00
Basic Electronics : A Text Lab Manual Zbar 250.00
Basic Electronics & Linear Circuits Bhargava 170.00
Basic Semiconductor Physics Hamaguchi 325.00
Basics of Wireless Communications, NIIT NIIT 225.00
Bhabha and His Magnificent Obsessions G. Venkataraman 140.00
Big and The Small, The: Journey into the Microcosm G. Venkataraman 225.00
Biomedical Instrumentation and Measurements, 2nd ed., Cromwell, et al. 175.00
Biomedical Signal Processing: Principles & Tech. Reddy 350.00
Birth of Time, The: How we Measured the Age of the Universe Gribbin, John 300.00
Bose and His Statistics G. Venkataraman 120.00
Celestial Mechanics:Recent Trends Ishwar Bhola 750.00
Chandrasekhar and His Limit G. Venkataraman 120.00
Circuit Theory Iyer 275.00
Circuits, Devices and Systems 5ed. Smith 499.00
Classical Electrodynamics 3ed. Jackson 479.00
Classical Mechanics Goldstein 350.00
Cmos Digital Integrated Circuits kang 310.00
College Physics Weber 225.00
College Physics Serway 495.00
Communication Electronics : Principles & Applications Frenzel 270.00
Communication Systems : Analog & Digital Singh 235.00
Communications Networks : A First Course Walrand 235.00
Compute Applications in Physics: with Fortran, Basic and c S. Chandra 295.00
Computer Networks, 4th ed. Tanenbaum 325.00
Computer Networks: Protocols, Standards and Interfaces Black 250.00
Computer Organization and Architecture : Stallings 350.00
Computer System Architecture, 3rd ed., Mano 225.00
Computer-Based Industrial Control, Krishna Kant 325.00
Concepts of Modern Physics Beiser 295.00
Contemporary Communication Using Matlab Prokis 450.00
Crystallography Dr.Velmurugan 250.00
Crystallography & Crystal Str. G.D. Arora 350.00
Data and Computer Communications, 7th ed., Stallings 295.00
Design and Applications of Analog Integrated Circuits, Soclof 395.00
Dictionary Of Mechanics (Properties Of Matter) K. Sareen 450.00
Dictionary of Nanotechnology: Extended & Updated Don Norman 695.00
Digital Circuits and Design Salivahanan 195.00
Digital Communication Bhattacharya 295.00
Digital Computer Electro. : An Intro. To Microcomputers Malvino 350.00
Digital Control & State Variable Methods Gopal 325.00
Digital Electronics : Circuits & Systems Puri 150.00
Digital Electronics & Microprocessors Prob. & Solutions Jain 210.00
Digital Electronics with CD Bignell 395.00
Digital Instrumentation Bouwens 210.00
Digital Logic and Computer Organization, Rajaraman 250.00
Digital Principles & Applications Leach 260.00
Digital Principles & Design Givone 295.00
Digital Signal Processing : Proakis 350.00
Digital Signal Processing Using Matlab Ingle 375.00
Digital Signal Processing using MATLAB Ingle 225.00
Digital Signal Processing: A Filtering Approach White 150.00
Digital Signal Processing: A Modern Introduction Ambardar 325.00
Digital Signal Processing: Theory, Analysis Nair 295.00
Digital Signal Processing:A Modern Introduction Ambardar 325.00
Electrical Power Systems: Theory and Practice, Bandyopadhyay 250.00
Electricity & Magnetism Mahajan 210.00
Electricity and Electronics Raj Kumar 1700.00
Electrodynamics Gupta S.L. 195.00
Electromagnetic Field Theory and Wave Propagation U.Mukherji 275.00
Electromagnetic Field Theory Fundamentals Guru 350.00
Electromagnetic Theory and Optical V.K.Shrivastava 595.00
Electromagnetic Waves Shevgaonkar 199.00
Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating Systems, 2nd ed., Jordan & Balmain 250.00