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Book Author Unit Price Quantity Action
English Poetry In India P C K Prem 995.00
Engslish Practice Grammer Usage Vocabulary Phonetics S.D.Joshi 145.00
Episteme of Desire the Poetry of A.K.Ramanujan Aniruddh Rawat 550.00
Essentials of English Language G.R.Sharma 750.00
Essentials of Phonetics of Linguistics Dr.Pratibh Parashar 950.00
Eugene O Neill And Tennessee Williams An Experimental Dramatics Sumita Ashri 895.00
Evaluating Poetry Parameters of Leterary Criticim Chandra Mohan 700.00
Everyting about Charles Dickens Mallikarjun Patil 575.00
Everyting about rudyard Kipling Mallikarjun Patil 850.00
Exploitation of Nonverbal Strategies in English Novels in India Pandurang Raghunath Bhabad 1200.00
Exploration in modern indo English Fiction sangeeta singh 800.00
Exploring Metaphysics The Novels of Iris Murdoch Bhubananada Pattanaik 495.00
Faces of Feminism Indian, pakistani English Canadian and american writers Dr.Sunita Jakhar 750.00
Female Paradigms of love R.N.Tagores Novels in English Translation Satyananda Swain 650.00
Femininity And Women Writing Gauri Shanker Jha 600.00
Feminism And Recent Indian Literature Dinesh Rajput 695.00
Feminism And Womens Writing Prof. B.S.Nimawat 695.00
Feminism in R.K.Narayans Novels Pulakesh Ghosh 650.00
Feminist Psyche in World Women Novelists N. Shantha Naik 800.00
Five Indian Women Novelists Feminist Vision C.L.Khatri 995.00
Foundations of American Literature Sukumar Balachandran 1450.00
Foundations of English Literature Dr.Sujata Pandey 950.00
Foundations of Literary Criticism Eminent Literary Critics (Set of 2 Vols.) G.S.Dhami 2250.00
Franz kafka and literary Modernism Mallikarjun Patil 425.00
From Mulk Raj Anand to Aravind Adiga A Critical Analysis Anita Singh 800.00
Fundamentals of Communication Skills M.Madhu Lincoln 750.00
Geoffrey Chaucer Anand Prakash 975.00
Girish Karnad and Mahesh Dattaani G.Baskaran 850.00
Glorious frends indian writings films and transaltion jaydeep Sarangi 1195.00
Graduate Sociolinguistics Key Concepts and Issues R.M.Das 800.00
Great indian Writers in English Mrs.Smita Sen sahoo 695.00
Great Women Writers in World Literature M.L.Shah 800.00
Gurcharan Das Three English Plays A Critical Appraisal Dr.Manjeet 895.00
Guy De Maupassant And Charles Dickens 995.00
Hamlet Text with notes and critical Study P.K.Panigrahi 650.00
Hemingway fitzgerald and The Twenties Gauti Shanker Jha 650.00
Henry David Thoreaus Walden Aprajita Sharma 695.00
History and Principles of Literary Criticism Dr.Manzoor Hussain 795.00
History of American Literature Dr. Uttam Ambhore 995.00
Human Relationships in the novels of khushwant singh Bhim Singh Chahal 575.00
Identity Crisis in Dalit Literature An Appraisal Al Ahmad Khan 575.00
Imacat of History on Literature Dr.Suresh Chand 250.00
Image of india in the indian novels in english sushma bharti 800.00
Imaging D.H.Lawrence His Mind and Art in Letters Joyjit Ghosh 600.00
Immigrant Canadian Articulations Shaily Sharma 700.00
Indian Companion to D H Lawrence Mallikarjun Patil 625.00
Indian Diaspora Richa Dewani 995.00
Indian Diaspora Women English Writers Gauri Shankar Jha 700.00
Indian English Literature Nitin Jadhao 995.00
Indian English literature Retrospect and prospect O.P.Budholia, K.A.Agarwal 995.00
Indian English Poetry Searching new Ground S.L.Peeran 850.00
Indian imagination A Critical Study of Fiction Autobiography and poetry C.L.Khatri 795.00
indian Novel in English C.L.Khatri 695.00
indian novel in english Dinesh Rajput 795.00
Indian Poetry in English in Search of Identity Rajni Singh 750.00
Indian Renaissance A Glimpse of Early Novels Dr.Sulabha R.Devpurkar 625.00
Indian Women Writings in English Dr.Sudhakar T.Sali 895.00
Indian Women Writters Autobiographies A Critical Study Sheetal Y.Thakore 850.00
Indian Writing in English Deepali Agarvat 750.00
Indian Writing In English B.G.pawar 250.00
Indian Writing in English Speculations and Observations Arvind M. Nawale 675.00
Indian Writing in English Views and Revies G.R.Sharma 750.00
Indian Writings in English Dr.M.F.Patel 695.00
Indianness in the novels of Raja rao Dr.N.M.Nerkar 795.00
insights into indian English Fiction and Drama Dr.Arvind M.Nawale 800.00
interference of regional languages phonology in indian english learners N.shantha Naik 200.00
Interpersonnel Communication Skills Naval Kishore Singh 825.00
Introducing Criticism at the 21st Century Naval Kishore Singh 775.00
Introducing Phonetics and Phonoloty (3rd Edition) Mike Davenport 495.00
Jhabvalas Journey A Study of all the 12 Novels f Ruth prawer Jhabvala Daisy 650.00
John Milton His Poetry and Life Special References to Paradise Lost (2 Volume set) Larry Clapp 2500.00
Just in Time concept and Practices D.K.Singh 595.00
Keats And His Major Odes Dr.U.K.Dwivedi 595.00
Laddaer to Heaven A Collection of Poems Sumirasko 225.00
Leisure Pleasure Scripts in Lighter Vein Ram Bhagwan Singh 300.00
Levels of Consciousness in D.J.Lawrences Sons And lovers Dr.Mirza M.B. 295.00
Linguistics an Introduction to Language & Communications M.K.Sharma 895.00
Literary Criticism Theory and Practice Dr.S.K. Malholtra 900.00
Literary Journey of english Poetry (2 Vol. Set) G.S.Dhami 2400.00
Literary Journey of English poetry Critical Analysis in Trends Style and Diction (Set of 2 Vols.) G.S.Dhami 2400.00
Literature And The Crime Against Nature Arjun Karki 850.00
Literature in Language Eductation G.D.Madhukar 800.00
Little Lhasa Reflections on Transnational Tibet Tsering Namgyal 195.00
Lived Heritage Shared Space The Courtyard House of Goa Angelo Costa Silveira 495.00
Locating The Self Fragmentation and Reconnection Sudarshan Sahoo 400.00
Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak Gayatri pagdi 225.00
Luminaries of Narrative literature shobha ram 800.00
Mahatma gandhi autobiography n.p.shukla 795.00
Major Trends in English Literature R.K.Das 850.00
Making of New Criticism (Great Poiners and Their Contributio Dr.S.B.Agnihotri 850.00
Maulana Hasrat Mohani A Political Study Dr.Mohammed Umar 495.00
Metaphors of Subversion in American Fiction Carnivalesque in ken kesey, kurt Vonnegut Jr and Philip Roth Rama Naga Hanuman Alapati 525.00
Metaphysical Poetry A Critical Study Soumya Banerjee 750.00
Method & Techniques of English Teaching Dr.Lata Subhash Morey 185.00
Mikhail Bakhtins Theory of the Rajendra P. Sharma 595.00
Mikhail Bakhtins Theory of the novel Rajendra P. Sharma 550.00
Minority Voice The Indian English Novels of the 90s Dr.Anil Kinger 550.00
Modern English Literature Shikha Mishra 750.00
Modern English Literature An Analytico Critical Study Bhupal Singh 750.00
Modern Indian English Poetry Nandita Chaudhary 800.00