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Book Author Unit Price Quantity Action
College Guide to the Study of English Literatureq Sashi Shivkumara Pillai 1150.00
College Guide to the Study of English Literatureq somya sharma 950.00
Colonial And Postcolonial Literature Naval Kishore Singh 795.00
Common Errors in English R.Chopra 275.00
Commonwealth Literature in English Past & Present Dr. Amar Nath Prasad 895.00
Commonwealth Literature Revisited Ranjit Singh G.Rathod 750.00
Commonwealth Literature Revisited Ranjit Singh G.Rathod 750.00
Communication Skills and functional English N.K.Singh 850.00
Communication Skills and functional English Dr.Sudhakar T.Sali 975.00
Communication Skills for Social and Health Care Sushil Kumar Sharma 850.00
Companion to English Literature Swarup Chandra 750.00
Comprehensive Modern Literary Theory T.Ramkrishna Rao 750.00
Compulsory English for MPSC and other Competitive Examinations Prof. Johnson Borges 210.00
Concepts And Contexts of Diasporic Literature Of india K.V.Dominic 775.00
Confluences of Recent Voices in Indian English Literature Ramesh Landge 850.00
Contemporary Contemplations on Ecoliterature Suresh Frederick 995.00
Contemporary Indian Dramatists Treatre and Films Raju Srivastava 995.00
ConTemporary Indian English Drama Canons and Commitments Beena Agrawal 675.00
Contemporary Indian English Poetry Ajay Kumar Saini 850.00
Contemporary indian Writing in English and American Literature Prof. B.L.Yadav 595.00
Contemporary Literary Criticism Supriya Rastogi 750.00
Cooling Flames of Darkness O.P.Bhatnagar 150.00
Corporate Governance Labour Management & Industrial Relations B. Jahir Hussain 675.00
Courage Heart & Wisdom Essays on Autism Suman S.Joshi 200.00
Creativity and Conflict in The Plays of Sam Shepard Jyotirmoy Prodhani 450.00
Creativity Characters & Influences of the Literary Genius Danial Reed 1795.00
Critcal Essays on Indian English Poetry and Drama Arvind M.Nawale 775.00
Critical Analysis of Characters in Jean Rhyss Novels Prof.Niroj Banerji 595.00
Critical Analysis of Miltons Poetry Dr.Meena Prasad 750.00
Critical Applied Linguistics Dr.Allan Charlie 1595.00
Critical Essays in the Early Nineteenth Century S.P.Choudhary 995.00
Critical Essays In The Eighteenth Century Jaswant Rawat 850.00
Critical Essays on Commnwealth Literature Rushi Raj Bhatt 1195.00
critical essays on Indian english literature sushma bharti 850.00
Critical Essays on Literature and Environment Anita Myles 675.00
Critical Essays on Literature and Environment Anita Myles 675.00
Critical Evaluation of contemporary Indian Poetry in English K.V.Dominic 1100.00
Critical Explorations in indian English literature Ram Sharma 700.00
Critical Exposition of Gopal Honnalgere Poems K.V.Rahupathi 600.00
Critical Guide to literature in english Ritupurna Tripathy 750.00
Critical Handbook of English Drama S.K.Das 995.00
Critical Handbook of English Fiction S.K.Menon 895.00
Critical Handbook of English poetry Aparna Mishra 995.00
Critical History of English Literature Anand Prakash 1195.00
Critical Interpretation of Matthew Arnold Anupama Roy 950.00
Critical INterpretation of Salman Rushdie Aditya Sabharwal 895.00
Critical Interpretation of Aristotle Richa Dewani 895.00
Critical Interpretation of Ben Jonson Anupama Ron 925.00
Critical Interpretation of Charles Dickens Aditya Sabharwal 950.00
Critical Interpretation of D.H.Lawrence Anand Prakash 950.00
Critical Interpretation of English Poetry Richa Dewani 925.00
Critical Interpretation of George Eliot Aditya Sabharwal 975.00
Critical Interpretation of Jane Austen Aditya Sabharwal 975.00
Critical Interpretation of Jane Austen Aditya Sabharwal 975.00
Critical Interpretation of Mark Twain Rita Sachdev 975.00
Critical Interpretation of P.B.Shellye Aditya Sabharwal 895.00
Critical Interpretation of R.K.Narayan Richa Dewani 795.00
Critical Interpretation of W.B.Yeats Richa Dewani 875.00
Critical Interpretation of William Makepeace Thackeray Anupama Roy 875.00
Critical Interpretation of William Wrodsworth Anupama Roy 1150.00
Critical Observations on Humour in English Literature Danial Reed 2450.00
Critical Perspectives Anil S.Kapoor 1295.00
Critical Perspectives on the poetry of R.K.Singh,D.C.Chambail and I.K.Sharma K.V.Dominic 900.00
Critical Reference to Prime Shakespearean Tragedies 2 Volume Set Nilonjan Dey 2950.00
Critical References to Pastoral Elements in English Literature Danial Reed 1895.00
Critical Response to Literature in English Shikha Mishra 900.00
Critical Response To R.K.Narayan B.L.Yadav 595.00
Critical Shakespeare for College Students (2 Volume Set) Nilonjan Dey 2950.00
D.H.Lawrence Eassays and Letter R.K.Sinha 600.00
Dalit consciousness and dalit Poetry alpana gupta 975.00
Dalit Literatue Our Response N.Shantha Naik 350.00
Dare to be different and Grow rich Dr.Rainer Zitelmann 250.00
Darpan Poetry Dr.Namdev Utkar Prof. R.D.Kamble 200.00
Day Kundan Bhardwaj 900.00
Deconstruction Theory Manyata Sharma 1050.00
Delightful Dickens Some Tributes Sunil Sharma 750.00
Devyani Foundations Scholars English Grammer Sunil B.Hajare 120.00
Diasporic Articulation in the Novels of M.G.vassanji Hareshwar Roy 450.00
Dimensions of Diasporic English Fiction Gauri Shankar Jha 475.00
DiscoUrses On Five Indian Poets In English K.V.Dominic 825.00
Dramatic World of Mahesh Dattani Voices and Vision Bipinkumar parmar 895.00
Eco-Consiousness in the works of Salman Rushdie Ashok Kumar Kundu 650.00
Ecological Consciousness in Literature Satendra Kumar 895.00
Effective Commucation Skills Prof.Kamlesh P.Trivedi 1295.00
Effective Teacher Parent Communication Dr.Kamendu Rameshchandra Thakar 995.00
Elements of Linguistics and Phonetics Dr.Swarup Malhota 695.00
Elizabethan Drama Analysis and Synthsis S.B.Agnithori 700.00
Emergen Trends And Issues i Indian English Drama Abha Shukla Kaushik 895.00
Emergence of New Woman Indian Writing in English A.A.Khan/Qamar Talat 995.00
Enclyclopedia of Language And Linguistics (Set of 2 Vols.) G.D.Madhukar 2200.00
Encyclopaedia of English Novel (set of 3 Volumes) Chandra Mohan 7500.00
English Biographica (8 Volume Set) John Philip Hazel 14500.00
English Drama Rituparna Sen Gupta 1470.00
English Language and Linguistics H.O.Prasad 795.00
English Language Teaching A Pedagogical Webquest G.A.Ghnshyam 565.00
English Language Teacing B.G.pawar 595.00
English Language Teching A Socio functinal View A.A.Khan/Abdul Haque 850.00
English Leterary Criticism Dr.R.Shankar 1195.00
English Novel Richa Dewani 1470.00
English Poetry Richa Dewani 1470.00